PTR rCB   is an innovative technology solution, for using rubber material from tyres or belts based on  patented  non-oxidative slow thermal decomposition (PTR process) of organic feedstock.

The PTR rCB system represents a self-sufficient system not only for the disposal of rubber waste, but also for an use of rubber as a raw material for the production of a high-quality solid carbon product and at the same time the fuel for direct energy use.

PTR conversion of rubber produced high caloric value gas, higher than natural gas and oil, which can be directly used for energy production in CHP or turbine, or produce grid quality gas in regime "Gas to grid injection", as useful sellable product.

The main product is rCB (recovered Carbon Black) in PTR system is able to set the process | programme according to requirements of the carbon product. The carbon product is used back in petrochemistry, it is named rCB and has a function as specific chemical, that has to achieve purity LTTE 90-95%. The produced rCB has REACH and is available as a Product.

Thermal conversion of rubber is way to produce Carbon black and Liquid oil product (with high content of aromatic compounds) usage in petrochemistry and bring the positive carbon footprint in produced products, or electricity for renewable energy production.

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