Company HEDVIGA GROUP, a.s. provides within the supply of the PTR technological solution all turn-key services in the following range

- Production and delivery of the complex PTR solution, including accessory equipment
- Delivery of cogeneration units and gas cogeneration units. Especially cogeneration units MOMENTA
- Delivery of control systems and automation
- Delivery of heat management system
- Delivery of handling equipment, including conveyors and logistics systems
- Delivery of storage management system and preparation and stabilization of fuels
- Installation and commissioning of PTR technological solution
- Complex engineering and supervision of the PTR project
- Training operators of the PTR technology and power units (CHP)
- Granting of a licence to operate the PTR technology for a particular area


Company HEDVIGA GROUP, a.s. provides investors with complex services related to the pre-preparatory work within the PTR technological solution in the following range

1. Verification of the physical-chemical parameters of the testing by the PTR process for the needs of making an offer
2. Calculations of energy balance of the PTR solution for a particular input material
3. PTR Energy Project – Designing an organization of power units or power systems for continuous production of electricity and heat from PTR fuels
4. Designing an effective pre-treatment of input materials (raw materials) for the PTR process to increase the efficiency and capacity of the PTR technology, including designing a pre-treatment of the input material leading to reduce the water content of the biological raw material by mechanical and / or chemical processes
5. Calculation of economic return of the PTR project for a particular input material – Businnes Plan
6. Designing the complex PTR technology solution, including power units (cogeneration, boiler rooms and ORC) for a particular site and raw material
7. Feasibility study of the PTR project / consultancy on installation of the technology with reference to the environmental requirements


Company HEDVIGA GROUP, a.s. provides services

1. Service of the PTR technology, including accessory equipment
2. Service of power units
3. Service of control systems
4. Service of handling systems
5. Personnel training for operation of the PTR technology and power units


PTR technology is already
in use in several places around the world

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