ENERKAL is an innovative technology solution, for using sewage sludge as a row material, based on slow thermal decomposition (PTR process) of organic feedstock.

The PTR ENERKAL system represents a self-sufficient system not only for the elimination of pollutants in the sludge, but also for the direct recycling of important elements such as phosphorus, with simultaneous energy self-sufficiency.

Wastewater treatment plants thus essentially become producers of charcoal using PTR thermochemical decomposition of biomass = sewage sludge as the basis of smartly modified PTR fertilizers with a high content of minerals and carbon. This carbon allows the soil to increase its water retention in particular, making it more stable. Another ability of this charcoal is that carbon is stored in the soil as an element, possibly also the other nutrients it carries, thus creating a new impulse for depleted soils.

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