PLASTIC is an innovative technology solution, for using mix-plastic material, plastic separated material (PP, HDPE, PET, LDPE, automotive plastic, foils .. etc.) based on slow thermal decomposition (PTR process) of organic feedstock.

The PTR Plastic system represents a self-sufficient system not only for disposal plastic waste, but also for the direct energy usage of the product of thermal conversion.

PTR conversion of plastic produced high caloric value gas comparable in quality to natural gas and oil, which can be directly used for energy production in CHP or turbine, or produce grid quality gas in regime "Gas to grid injection", as useful product that has monetary value.

Thermal conversion of plastic is not the way to produce carbon black, but the way how decrease amount of waste be energy self-sufficiency, and bring the positive carbon footprint in produced fuel, or electricity for green hydrogen production.

Chemical additives in plastics, especially chlorine, pigments, binders and flame retardants, are problematic. The batch processing system in PTR technology, including the filtration system, makes it possible to achieve safe and environmentally friendly values even with the specific properties of plastic waste.

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