PTR 4  BIOCHAR is an innovative non-oxidative  technology solution, for thermal conversion of  different type of biomass, from agriculture, forest management, from the cities.....  type of feedstock is in range  from wood chips to chicken droppings.

PTR 4 BIOCHAR system represents a self-sufficient system  for transform biomass to biochar with another added value. That value is based on the source of the biomass and potential of specific application and usage.

Products of conversion are PTR biogas, PTR bio-oil, and Biochar.

Main product is Biochar, in PTR system is  able to set the process | programme  according to type of feedstock and requirements of the carbon product. If the carbon product is used back in agriculture, named biochar and has a function as fertilizer or auxiliary soil and plant substance, with specific properties and content of other micro-elements (N, P, K, S). If the carbon product  is used as filtration material, is usually pelletized, and prepare  PTR pellets to achieve e.g.. min. BET > 300 and purity LTTE 90-95%.


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