The second generation of cogeneration unit  MOMENTA is equipped with the legendary 12-cylinder diesel engine TATRA 913 with complete technological equipment for the efficient production of heat, which is, through the medium of heating oil, transferred into active and passive zones of PTR technology. Furthermore, the heat is also used to activate the primary distillation and to stabilize the paraffin components within the input fuels produced just by the PTR technology,  20% of the heat is utilized this way, while the remaining 80% is prepared for a client in a few modifications.

MOMEMTA is also connected with the control module PTR 1000 kW6. The control module is connected to the GS chromatograph unit with impulse generating data, which enables to transfer e.g. the instantaneous value of caloric value into a module of fuel system of cogeneration unit. Thus generated data highway also enables us interaction in the opposite direction, i.e. we can regulate the production of liquid and gaseous fuels by adjusting the temperature of the active parts of the PTR technology.


Advantages of cogeneration MOMENTA

1. Effective use of primary heat, secondary heat and low-energy heat from the cogeneration
2. Robust motor with a reserve of heat output
3. Dual fuel system that can be set to a specific fuel map, including the proportion of gaseous and liquid fuel
4. Control system of the cogeneration unit is controlled by the current composition of the gas in the PTR system by reading the composition of the gas from the procedural chromatograph
5. Compatibility with the PTR technology and its special fuels, including the possibility of its optimization for the particular fuel composition
6. Economic operation – consumption vs. power
7. Environmental operation – emission limits
8. Blackout mode

PTR technology is already
in use in several places around the world

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