The HYBRID PTR SOLUTION project is focused on the use of combinations of input raw materials from sewage sludge, waste or agricultural biomass, rubber and plastic as raw materials for the production of not only a carbon product but especially gaseous and liquid fuel to ensure energy independence.

The HYBRID SOLUTION was designed for PTR capacity operations, e.g. from 8,000 to 32,000 tons of input raw material per year. It is a solution for wastewater treatment plants, for plastic recycling lines, for agricultural farms and technological operations that create or process waste.

Thermal decomposition processes are strictly controlled and take place in closed reactors, in separate technological lines, where there is no mixing of waste. However, the operating mode is set in such a way that the conditions would be met not only for the disposal of organic pollutants, pharmaceuticals, nanostructures and other impurities. Due to the PTR batch system, the requirements for retention times at specific temperatures, always depending on the type of raw material, can be set with an accuracy of units of degrees Celsius.

  • Hybrid solution represents an advantage in the modification of input raw materials.
  • The modification of raw materials and their indirect mixing enables a wider variability of operation.
  • Production of multi-species gas during simultaneous operation of 2-4 PTR units using e.g. plastics and rubber at the same time.
  • Production of gas applicable in the mode of injection into the gas pipe system, or gas suitable for compression.



  • HYBRID is a system for disposal of waste.
  • HYBRID is a system for synthetic fuel production.
  • HYBRID is always energy independent, as a condition of sustainability and financeability.
  • HYBRID  is a symbiotic solution for e.g. Biogas station and other technology which produce intermediate products with organic matter contents.









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